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Misty Slopes

Investing off the beaten path



Fairhill is an independent investment company that specialises in the listed smaller companies market. We keep it simple, maintaining a common sense "back to basics" and straightforward approach to investment: no leverage, no currency hedging, no complications. We do our own research, selecting high quality, conservatively managed businesses with established track records to invest in.


Markets are not always efficient and investors are not always proactive in finding new investments. The thousands of publicly listed smaller companies in geographical Europe provide many opportunites for those willing to dedicate the time, the effort required, and who know where to look. We aim to deliver superior risk adjusted returns over the longer term by exploiting these pricing inefficiencies, buying and holding minority equity stakes in various listed businesses. Mitigating downside risk is an important part of our investment process, investing where market expectations are low and balance sheets are robust.


Our Values


Rather than wait for ideas to be brought to us, we go out and find them. This can sometimes result in contrarian ideas. A fresh perspective can produce better results.


In an extensive investment universe, focus is key to success. We dedicate 100% of our time to looking for ways to improve our process, idea generation, and our output.

Aligned Interests

There are few more effective ways to achieve good results than all having the same motivations and interests, including applying a long term mindset to everything we do.


Investment philosophy

Keep it simple

As generalists, no sector is excluded but we only invest in simple business models that we thoroughly understand.

Well capitalised

Financial security allows companies to invest and take the calculated risks necessary to grow any business. Balance sheets are key.


We want to own companies with distinct business cultures: those that are able to create the right conditions for success.

Market leaders

Market leaders tend to make the rules, setting prices and influencing the direction and future growth of their markets.


Fairhill Investment Partners LLP is an Appointed Representative of Capricorn Fund Managers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The investment products and services of Fairhill Investment Partners LLP are only available to professional clients and eligible counterparties. They are not available to retail clients. This website does not constitute an offer to buy or sell shares in any of the products offered by Fairhill Investment Partners LLP.

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